Introduction to Deep Learning in Medicine and Biology

Over the last few years, researchers have applied deep learning to all sorts of datasets in biology and medicine. On almost every problem — from identifying protein-DNA interactions to diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease from brain scans — deep learning techniques have performed remarkably well, leaving traditional machine learning in the dust. These results are somewhat surprising — deep learning was inspired […]

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The Opportunity Cost of Saving When You’re Young

It’s one of those pieces of advice that gets repeated and repeated: “You should start saving money in your early 20s if you want a comfortable retirement!“ The case for saving is straightforward math. Compounded returns on investments means that after 48 years, an initial investment of $5,000 is worth about $70,000 (these are the nominal returns […]

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What It’s Like to Interview for the Soros Fellowship

I was recently selected to be one of the 30 students that received the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for graduate students. Going in, the interview for the fellowship was quite the black box for me — I had no idea what questions to expect, so I spent about 12 hours over the span of two weeks, practicing all […]

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Doing Business with Nonprofits: the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Three summers ago, just after learning that I had not gotten any of the internships that I applied to, I called my friend to see what he was doing over the summer. He frequently volunteered at the local mosque, and he mentioned that the mosque had lost a substantial percentage of their donations that month […]

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Smartphone Addiction: A 3-Step Recovery Process

As of 2014, the average American spends 4.7 hours a day on their smartphones. For the longest time, I was probably spending at least that many hours on my Galaxy S6. Every time I was in lecture, in the bathroom, or even in a long elevator ride, I’d open my phone to see if I had any […]

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